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PUBLIC NOTICE UNDERGROUND UTILITY DUCT BANK INSTALLATION REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST The City of Virginia Beach Development Authority (VBDA) is issuing this Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified general contractors to be considered to provide for the installation of approximately 11,000 linear feet of duct bank. The location of the work is within the Corporate Landing Business Park, and will include areas in public right of way and in public easement. The duct bank is intended to consist of six (6) four-inch diameter utility ducts (3 over 3), non-encased. The duct bank conduits will be for future utilities and there is no utility installation included with the proposed scope of work. The conduits will be installed using both direct bury and directional drill methods. The VBDA seeks a knowledgeable, experienced, qualified and capable contractor who will be responsible for all phases and facets of delivering a complete and final project in accordance with all applicable codes and ordinances. The VBDA will provide construction documents to the selected contractors. The Expression of Interest response shall be limited to 10 pages and shall include the following items: Transmittal letter on firm letterhead Number and location of employees A listing of proposed sub-contractors, if any, and their role Key personnel assigned to the project, and the experience of each General information regarding firm organization General listing of similar projects, including location, date completed, and construction cost value Plan for inclusion of DBEs/SWAM Identify any current projects with the City of Virginia Beach, outstanding fee remaining, and anticipated date of completion Identify names and addresses of all affiliated and/or subsidiary companies Explain the firm's qualifications for the proposed scope of work A certification indicating that the firm, its owners and assigns are free from suspension or debarment, pending, current or within the past 5 years, with any government agency. Responsive respondents will have the opportunity to prepare a bid for the project. Only those entities that have responded to this EOI will be considered. All responses shall be provided in hard copy and must be received in the office and location described below no later than 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, June 29th, 2018. All technical questions or requests for a meeting regarding the project shall be directed to Robert J. Hudome, Senior Project Development Manager at rhudome@vbgov.com. ISSUING OFFICE: Virginia Beach Development Authority/Department of Economic Development 4525 Main Street, Suite 700 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (757) 385-6464 VP 25684056A

Appeared in: The Virginian-Pilot

Published: The Virginian-Pilot - 06/24/2018